Services and Pricing

I write articles and other material. 

I don't like the word "content."

Although I write about the full spectrum of financial and lifestyle topics, I specialize in:

  • financial infidelity
  • marriage and divorce
  • taxes
  • end-of-life


Each project is different.

Tell me what you need. 

I'll develop a custom quote based on a per word or flat rate.

I don't charge by the hour. It encourages inefficiency.

I’ve worked with Valerie Rind at and have found her to be an excellent, diligent freelance writer.
— Richard Eisenberg, Managing Editor, PBS

Valerie is a pro, both onstage and online. She brings a fun, relatable, and often comedy-filled presence to each event, and brings that same combination of professionalism to her writing.
— Eric Rosenberg, Writer, Speaker, and Consultant at Narrow Bridge Media, Inc.

Coming across standout talent like Valerie is rare.

I hired Valerie as a freelance writer at TaxAct in 2017 after seeing her online portfolio and reviewing her extensive work history. Since then, she’s completed numerous writing assignments for us and has exceeded my expectations tenfold.

I’m particularly impressed with Valerie’s breadth of knowledge and her ability to produce detailed pieces no matter the topic. As a tax software company, it’s often difficult to find individuals who can succinctly explain tax and finance concepts in a way all readers can understand. Valerie, however, does a great job of ensuring her work is thorough but yet easy to read and comprehend.

Her work also requires very little editing which helps me tremendously. I truly enjoy having Valerie as part of my team and highly recommend her work to anyone!
— Amy Backer, Communications Specialist/Writer at TaxAct
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